Tanja (Tanya) Gangar is the founder for GangaMa Yoga. She is a highly experienced teacher and a Yogi from Indian descent. She studied and trained at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandarim in Chennai, then at Parmarth Niketan Yoga Ashram in India, where she lived and worked for six months, practising meditation, yoga and voluntary work to serve the local communities to encourage and maintain self-sufficiency and resilient living.

On returning to the UK, she set out to build her own unique approach to her yoga and meditation practice: promoting personal resilience for mind, body and soul. 

Being raised in the Kent countryside, Tanja learned how to appreciate the gifts of the land and respect rural living. 

Like many her age, her mother was a war baby who is highly averse to wastage and taught her how to preserve, ferment, recycle and compost not to mention make-do-and-mend before any of that was in vogue. Her father who was brought up in the Caribbean jungle also taught her how to be flexible, adaptable and robust both inside and outside the home. 

In 1991 Tanja graduated as a teacher and went on to gain 25 years of professional practice in art and design. She has worked for many institutions teaching early years to adults including Brighton Montessori School to ten years as Education Manager at the National Portrait Gallery. 

Tanja continues to tutor and facilitate art and yoga/meditation in her personal studio as well for Charleston Trust. She is a trained Art Therapist and incorporates this approach in all her teachings.

Having raised two children who are now grown-up and thriving in London, Tanja currently lives with her partner James, a gardener and forager, in a small holding in East Sussex where she keeps free-range chickens and an allotment.

 During lockdown she worked on blending all her found knowledge from her creative background with her spiritual and well-being practices to consolidate an approach to living that is more holistic and less compartmentalised. 

Since then, she has collaborated with her very like-minded friend Vicky Radtke to create a robust response to this kind of living which they now call

 “The Resilient Life”