Winter Resilience Workshop

21st – 25th February 2022


“A Monday to Friday experience to facilitate moving towards a more self-sufficient, self-reliant and grounded approach to life.”

This extended workshop is designed to incorporate all the elements of our own collective resilient lifestyle.

We hope that it offers a rich and holistic experience for all. “



Day 1 

Farmhouse Kitchen for 
Introduction, Grounding, Preparations and Sourdough Bread Making

10.30am – 4pm



Day 2

Charleston Farmhouse Threshing Barn for
Yoga, Meditation & Breath Work

10.30am – 4pm


Day 3

Farmhouse Kitchen for
Planning the Resilient Kitchen Garden
Fermentation, Brewing & Wild Wine Making

10-30am – 4pm


Day 4
Isfield Woodlands for
Campfire Meditations and Feast

1pm – 6pm 



Day 5

The Dicker Village Stores for
Conversations on Localism & Community. Making and Crafting

12.30 – 3pm 



Please note there might be a few slight changes here and there to the order of things depending upon weather. 

This is a non-residential course.


In the meantime, to secure your place we ask for a deposit


(non-refundable except for Covid-19) 

Please contact us below for payment details.